Today I spent a considerable amount of time organizing all my counted cross-stitch stuff.  All the patterns are now in one drawer, all the patterns that are kitted up are in another drawer, fabric in a third drawer, etc., etc.  I have all the magnets in one place and all the needles in one container.  (Note, I have enough needles to last about 800 years or so.)   I kitted up two projects which I will keep by my red chair along with my redwork .

tablerunner 007And I took the time to put a few stitches in each new project.

tablerunner 008


Also made two Yo-yo’s for my table runner.  Here it is looking spiffy on my dining room table, alone with some ruby glass.

tablerunner 001However, I think I will use it in the kitchen where I can enjoy it while eating my meals and doing Sudoku puzzles.

tablerunner 005

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