Ideas from the internet

On the blog Simplify (Camille Roskelley) a while back, Camille showed how she did some machine quilting using her zig-zag setting at the widest width and a longer stitch.  I liked the look and the idea, as it was an easy way to machine quilt using straight lines instead of free motion.  I tried it today and like the results.

lowvolumequiltThis is a little quilt which started out with a charm pack of “Basically Neutral” by Benartex to which I added fabrics from my stash.  It is my version of a “low volume” quilt.  I also decided to try doing the entire binding process by machine after seeing a promotional ad from Clover using their new “wonder clips”.  I still prefer doing the finishing by hand, but this way was quicker and it doesn’t look too bad on the back side.

bindingbymachineAfter all that machine work, my neck is sore.  I don’t realize how tense I get until I stop and my neck hurts.  I probably should take more breaks.

My little quilt looks nice hanging on the divider in my front entryway.



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