Double Dozen and Craftsy BOTM

My niece and I took a class from Kaye England (a while back) from her book Double Dozen.  After the class, my project got put in a plastic bin and was not high on my To Do list.  My niece was determined to finish her quilt and got the top done the other day.  (Here is the post of her layout – at the almost-finished stage.)  She inspired me to get that bin out and work on the project again.  I was not terribly interested in doing all twenty-four blocks (double dozen) as my niece did, so I did half of the larger 12″ blocks in my own arrangement.

halfdoubledozenThe project is going back in the plastic bin while I mull over what to do for borders.  A green small border and a larger border of floral, or a purple small border and a larger border of floral?


After that project was tucked away, it was on to the Craftsy Block of the Month for July – tumbling blocks.  I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson, although my finished block is much bigger than it is supposed to be.  Hmmmm.  I guess I will worry about that when it comes times to assemble the whole quilt.




One thought on “Double Dozen and Craftsy BOTM

  1. I like how you found another way to use those blocks. I vote for the purple border and then the floral border.

    I am eagerly anticipating doing my tumbling blocks square for Craftsy. By I am trying to do the Comfort and Joy section first

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