Old Kit/Project

Yesterday I dug out an old kit/project that I haven’t worked on since I got it in 2000.  It was a very “trending” quilt back then titled Nine Patch and Diagonal Cross by Mabeth Oxenreider.  I remember I just had to have the pattern and the kit of fabrics – Cocheco by P & B Textiles, a reproduction collection.  It calls for nine patch blocks and diagonal cross blocks.  Why did I stop working on this project?  Two reasons.  1.  Deciding which combinations of fabrics to use for which kind of block was daunting, and 2. making the diagonal cross blocks was not easy.  Getting that center square (1 inch) in the precise center of the diagonal on both sides was much too exacting for me, so I put it all away and have had it on my UFO list ever since.

oxenreider1Excuse the blurry picture.  This is what I have done so far.  There are 13 more diagonal cross blocks to make.  It took me all afternoon to make six of them, and that was after I had the fabrics picked out and cut!

Oxenreider3I’m not a lover of reproduction fabrics, but the overall look of this quilt appealed to me.

oxenreider2Those center squares that came out perfect make me so happy.  It would be very nice to finally finish this quilt.





2 thoughts on “Old Kit/Project

  1. I admire the way you can select colours and fabric patterns and create beauty, Seems I missed out on that gene but I am great at following the instructions of others 🙂

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