The Surprise

avbrianThat is Brian and he is putting my new long-arm machine together.  Yes, I purchased a long-arm machine!!!!  It is a Handi Quilter Avante.  Some folks already know about my big purchase, but now I am spreading the news to all my blogging friends too.

Here it is, all set up and ready for me to take lessons.  My friend Aline and my niece Becky are hoping to learn how to use the machine also.  Aline was here this morning for the setup and watched in amazement as Brian constructed this complicated machine in no time.  He has put hundreds of them together and doesn’t even need the instructions.  Had I needed to put it together, it would have taken me approximately five years!

avsetupThere is much to learn – videos to watch, manuals to read, and lessons to take.

avtolearnAnd there are empty boxes that I will have to drag outside on recycle day.

avboxesUntil I take lessons, I don’t think there is much that I can do.  However, Aline managed to get the machine threaded with a little coaching from me as I read the manual.

avthreadedUntil the lessons are learned, I will dream of that first quilt coming off the rollers.







9 thoughts on “The Surprise

  1. So exciting for you!! The hours will fly by and where will they come form? Will you take them from book reading? Computer and blogs? TV? Oh my – this is when we need to have our days expanded to 30 hours to make room for MORE!!!! So excited FOR you!

  2. Wow, what a machine!!.. looks like you are going to be busy…. Hope all is well with you and you are having a great summer… love Beth

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Through the miracles of modern technology, we’re reading this as we breeze down the interstate 🙂 ….. Congrats on your BIG PURCHASE !!!!

    Judy, Penny & Lesley

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