This afternoon, after watching a video three times, I got very brave and loaded some scrap fabric and batting on my new Avante.  The video was good and I was successful in getting everything loaded correctly.  Then I started stitching.  Not so good.  Something was not working right and I decided it was the bobbin.  I took it out and then couldn’t figure out how to get it back in.  Persistence paid off and eventually I got it back in……..but that did not solve the problem.  My thread was nesting underneath, and after reading the “trouble shooting” information I figured out that the machine was not threaded properly.  Once I got it threaded correctly everything went smoothly.  I pretty much filled up my practice area, even going over stuff just to get the feel of the machine.  It was fun!  I need a lot more practice, but I will get more confident as I go.

practicingGuess what none of the videos or instructions explain………… to advance the quilt!  I’m sure it is very basic, but right now I have no clue how to advance the “quilt” and therefore don’t know how I will continue practicing.  I tried getting on the Handi Quilter forum, but because they get so much spam, I have to be approved by the webmaster who will not be on duty until tomorrow.

Don’t know if you can see this, but here is my signature done on my new long-arm…..



4 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. Not sure but I think you release the ratchet at the end and then can manually advance the quilt. There is probably a “correct” way, but it should work.

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