Quilt Studio re-arrranged

Friends have asked me about how I re-arranged my Quilt Studio since I got the long-arm.  Where did I put my cutting table that lived where the long-arm now resides?

quiltstudioI had to move the sewing-machine table up along the wall and the card-making station back along the wall to make room for the cutting table.  Yes, that is a card table under the cutting table.  It provides me with a shelf and a place to store the card table!

quiltstudio3This is the view from the TV, looking towards the room with the long-arm.  Oh my, it sure looks crowded with stuff – and it is!  But I use every bit and it is organized perfectly for my needs.

quiltstudio2This is looking from the long-arm room past the card-making section, the cutting table, the sewing table, into the sitting area where I have a comfy chair, a desk, a settee, and of course my big TV.  I am so lucky to have all this room.  And this is only half of the basement.  The other half is storage and the necessary stuff – furnace, laundry, etc.

My big project today was to tear down the boxes, fill up my recycle bin, stack up what didn’t fit for next week’s pickup.

avboxesAfter that chore was done, I re-loaded my new long-arm with more practice fabric.  I’m getting to be an expert on loading.  Now I need to work more on the actual quilting – and also adjusting the tension.  It is very, very hot outside in my part of the world, so it was nice to work in my cool basement.






3 thoughts on “Quilt Studio re-arrranged

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I am looking forward to seeing it in person. You may never come out if that basement!!!!

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