Photos and more photos

My friend Christine was here yesterday trying out some new camera equipment while I was trying out my new long-arm.  She wanted to get a picture of the fast movement of the needle with all the rest of the photo in focus.  I think she did a pretty good job.

July 2013 12I also wanted a close-up of the back of my quilting to show the tension problem I am having.

closeupstitchingCan you see the top (black) stitches looping too loosely on the right?  I need to learn how to fix that.  But I am still thrilled to have this new machine, which I am thinking of naming Mr. Dandi.

July 2013 26


Today I worked on the Mabeth Oxenreider 2000 quilt, getting all the blocks sewn together and the first border added.



On a recent post of Bonnie Hunter’s (Quiltville) she talked about leaders and enders, and showed some cute little spool blocks using 1-1/2 inch strips. ( Here is a link.)  It inspired me to prepare some fabric to do the same, and I got 12 blocks done today as leaders and enders.

littlespoolsLast photo on this post is a photo of a picture.  It is a print of a painting done by my friend, Donn Warden.  He gave me this print (and several others).  Hobby Lobby was having a frame sale – 50% off.  What a bargain!  The frame was $20.00 which I got for $10.00, and they frame your print for you and put the wire hanger on the back for $1.00.  A total of $11.00 for this delightful print all nicely framed.




5 thoughts on “Photos and more photos

  1. I’ve just found your blog as I was searching for “Comfort and Joy” renditions. I’ve loved see all you’ve done. That long-arm is fantastic! I have a question. I see you purchased Mighty Lite magnifier back in May. I need something like this and have been looking hard for some time now but am scared to buy and then it not be what I want. Since you’ve had the light for a while how has it worked out for you? Thanks!

  2. You look do happy while you are running the machine!! Am excited to see it in person and see the progress you have made

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