Crying over a tree

On the parkway portion of my front lawn I have/had a huge maple tree.  It provided shade and beauty, especially in the fall when the leaves turned a glorious orange.  This tree, owned by the city, was struck by lightening and has since rotted out.  It had to come down.


treecutting2After removing the dead area, the workers cleaned up and left.

treebranchgoneBut they were back today and when I got home from my volunteer job, my lawn was naked.

treedown I’m sad.  Everything looks different.  My house faces the Public Works Department and the tree used to be a buffer from the sight and sounds of the activity there.  Now I feel exposed.  A new tree is promised (or possibly two) to be planted in the fall.  How long before I get shade and beauty again?





3 thoughts on “Crying over a tree

  1. Oh Bonnie, so sad! Hope they plant two beautiful trees for you. This happened on my sisters entire block, they cut down all the trees last year. She has a new tree now.

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