Me strong……

Today I decided to install the stylus guide on my long-arm machine.  The very first instruction said to turn the machine onto it’s left side.  WHAT????  I’d need a crane for that!  Oh wait, they didn’t mean the whole table, rails and such – just the machine part of the long-arm.  Well, I really didn’t want to do that, so I thought I would try installing it without turning the machine on it’s side.  Two bolts were required on either side and to install them without turning the machine on it’s side would require nimble tiny long fingers.  I tried.  I even got down on the floor under the machine, but the angle was all wrong and I could not tighten the bolts enough to make them secure.   Here is a picture of where the bolts are installed.


I did manage to get the machine on it’s side.  First you have to remove the upper bars, then you lift the machine off the tracks and carefully lay it down.  Do you know how much that machine weighs?  No?  Neither do I?  And I don’t want to know.  Suffice it to say that it was mighty heavy.  I was able to get the bolts tightened correctly and then I had to lift the machine back up and onto the rails.  Oh my.  Heavy, heavy, heavy.  I know my niece and cousins are undoubtedly yelling at me right now that I shouldn’t do things like this all on my own, but I am terribly independent and have zero patience to wait for help.  So I did it, it is done, and all is well.  The upper rails are back in place.


The stylus fits into a groovy board to make the quilting easier.  I purchased this Baptist Fan groovy board.

stylus2And here is my first attempt on a scrap piece of fabric.  Not perfect, but I need to adjust the stylus position.  It works though and I am very happy.

stylus4I also played around with some free motion, getting my ideas from The Pajama Quilter – an excellent resource for quilting ideas.

freemotionI guess it isn’t too bad for a rank amateur!   All the above efforts might even deserve a dark chocolate peanut butter cup!








4 thoughts on “Me strong……

  1. Good for you.!!! Guess you know what you can and cannot do…. Looks like you are really enjoying your new “toy”…I am enjoying your updates. Very interesting for somebody who doesn’t do quilting… Take care, love Beth

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