Getting Organized…..

When I entered the Quilt Cave today I decided it was time to tackle the magazines.  Our Bee group is taking on the task of selling magazines at the next quilt show and I had plenty of my own plus boxes of those collected from guild members.  I needed to sort them out and get them organized.

magazines1Several hours later I had everything organized and ready to take to the next assembly place where there are a ton more magazines.

magazines2Which led to the fact that I now had some empty magazine holders that I thought would hold some of my books more upright in the book shelf.   (And also led to cataloging some recently purchased books.  I now have 288 soft-cover quilt books……gulp.)

quiltbooksThen there was time left to finish assembling my Comfort and Joy quilt.

c&jfinishedAnd I picked out fabric for borders………..the green for a small inner border, the red for a larger outer border, and perhaps the print as a corner block.

c&jbordersWill I get this quilt finished (borders, backing, quilting, adding embroidery and buttons) for Christmas this year??????







2 thoughts on “Getting Organized…..

  1. WOW! That is A LOT of magazines!!!! I’m so impressed! And the comfort and joy quilt is adorable. I believe you will get it done for Christmas. Yes!

  2. Bonnie. You are blowing me away! I do have about 100 books on my spread sheet now, thank you for your help. I’m adding a little each evening.

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