Good friends…..

It is wonderful to have good friends.  Today I had lunch with church friends.  It was a Goodbye luncheon for a 93 year-old church member who is moving to be near her children.  I have known her for about 35 years.  She is a shining example of growing old gracefully.  We will all miss her terribly.  Thank goodness we live in the age of email, Skype, and free long-distance telephone calls.

It was also a very nice way for me to celebrate my birthday too – being with good friends.   Friends from church gave me this yummy looking Edible Arrangement.

edibleThat is chocolate on those huge strawberries!  And isn’t the vase adorable?

While I was photographing the fruit arrangement, the doorbell rang and a huge burly man handed me a beautiful fresh flower arrangement and said, “Here you go.  Have a nice day.”   These wonderful flowers are from my Princesses (they know who they are).

flowerstmblLook at the color of this incredible rose – and the fresh delightfulness of the daisy.


My niece gave me some great jigsaw puzzles which I hope to delve into after next week.  I need the dining room table for a dinner, then I can lay out the puzzle(s).

Gifts, messages, cards, and greetings have made this day a very Happy Birthday.





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