On March 20th, my friend Pam gave me a challenge.  She wanted a piece of embroidery her mother did made into a quilt.


Here is the finished quilt.

July 2013 48

And here is Pam receiving the quilt.


I was very happy with the finished quilt and I think Pam felt the same way.


When I visited my California family in April, my nephew gave me a piece of counted cross-stitch that he did, originally for his father – my brother.  My brother passed away and my nephew never got it framed, so he gave it to me to do with as I wished.  His workmanship was so good I wanted to be able to show both the front and the back, but that style of framing is out of my budget.  However, I did get it framed and it is now in my bedroom.  It was hard to photograph because the glass was reflecting all the lights, so please excuse this angle shot.


And here it is right next to my favorite quilt.  I see these two pieces as I lay in bed – a real comfort to my heart and soul.



Thank you to my Bee group for the quilt and thank you to my nephew for the Marine insignia.



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