Top done

Although I have a long list of unfinished projects, I recently decided I wanted to make the quilt Weave It To Me by Judy Dohrman (Black Cat Creations) which my niece had made.  Here is my completed top.


witm4And here is a link to my niece’s version in yellow and blue.

We both had trouble with the ribbon points getting cut off where the final border attaches.


And my final borders look rather wavy to me.  Does it need further pressing, resting, or quilting-out?  First I need to make a backing, find some fabric for the binding,  and then quilt it.  That won’t happen for a while and therefore another quilt goes on the UFO list.

I do not fret over my UFO list.  It gives me lots of options of what to do next, and it gives me plenty of reasons to get up in the morning.  Boredom is never, ever, in my realm of day to day living.  I am a Quilter!




4 thoughts on “Top done

  1. I love how it came out! But you do have to get it quilted and bound before next years NSQG show so that we can display them together.

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