Good Day

It is always a good day in my opinion when I get a lot accomplished.  I finished quilting my quilt, got it trimmed, and machine sewed the binding on.  Now all I have to do is hand sew the binding to the back of the quilt.



Most of my day though was taken up with cutting apart tee-shirts, fusing interfacing to the tee-shirts, and then trimming them down for making a tee-shirt quilt.  This is the beginning.  There are a lot more tee-shirts to go, and some designing to be done.

baylor1It felt good to make progress with these two projects.



4 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Hello, Bonnie
    I just found your blog. Your banner quilt is so pretty. I’ve enjoyed reading back aways thru your posts. You are a prolific and talented quilter! Congratulations on your retirement and on your new longarm. What fun! I found your blog by searching for Comfort and Joy. Ah, yes, I was smitten with that pattern and recently finished the top and loaded it on my frame. Now comes the hard part. How does one quilt a top with so many different blocks! Got any good ideas????

  2. Bonnie! I love your Scrapidydoodah! I’m still working on mine. How many have you made so far? Love the tee shirt quilt. Another on my list of want to make!

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