Binding challenge

This morning a friend came over to see my new long-arm machine and to try it out.  She is an award winning quilter and does all her quilting herself on her domestic machine.  At first she did not like quilting on my machine because she felt like she was too far away from the quilt.  However, as we played around, she became more relaxed and did some great free-motion quilting  (see vine of hearts at top section).  When she tried out the groovy board (Baptist fan) and the panto-graph (below the Baptist fan), she really enjoyed the process.  I think she will be back!


I have been commissioned to do some binding on an antique quilt.  The quilt is not in good shape, so this will be a big challenge for me.  The quilt was originally  bound with a yarn blanket stitch which is coming apart.

bindingantique2In some places, the blanket stitch is completely gone.

bindingantique1The construction of the quilt is interesting in that all the squares are double fabric – red and black fabric on the outside and scrap fabric on the inside.

bindingantique3I am not restoring the quilt, just putting on binding to hold it together.  Here is a section that is very badly worn.

bindingantique4The person commissioning this binding project will not be using the quilt but rather folding it at the end of her bed.  It has sentimental value to her.  The quilt is obviously a utilitarian quilt and was tied instead of quilted.  I am basting the edges closed before I sew on the binding.  It took me almost three hours this afternoon to prepare three sides for the basting process, but I wanted to make sure there was a good foundation for the binding.  The quilt is also very heavy and will keep my legs nice and warm when I do the hand sewing!







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