Practicing on my long-arm……………a new pantograph –

pantograph1028Getting better the more I do.  I like this over-all design.

Then it was on to some free-motion……..what I call “Landscape” –

landscape I also tried practicing with a groovy board I have, but was unsuccessful as the groovy board was not anchored to the table and jumped all around.  The result was a sad mess.  Some industrial strength Velcro needs to be purchased!



Happy to be finished…

Today I finished the binding for a quilt from my LQS.  It was big – 74 X 84 – and heavy – 5-1/2 pounds!  It has the usual batting and the backing is made of Minkee, which was very hard to hand stitch the binding, digging down through the “fur” to the actual fabric, and maneuvering that heavy quilt around.

minkeebackingI cannot show the quilt itself because it is not mine to show, but it is a scrappy log cabin quilt with lots of interesting fabrics.

My left thumbnail took a beating from the needle coming up through the Minkee fur.

nailspotThis is also the true color of the Minkee.  The first picture’s colors are way off.  It should show this lime green Minkee and bright turquoise binding.




A Very Special Day with my Niece

Today is my niece’s birthday and she chose to spend it with me (and my long-arm quilting machine).  She practiced for a while and then we loaded up a Christmas table runner that she had made.



She decided to quilt the scrappy sections in green and the white sections in off-white.



She finished up this project quickly and then had time to load another small project, which she finished!  She did a great job of meandering.  As she gains confidence, I think she wants to use the Baptist Fan groovy board to quilt a larger project.

In the mean time I worked on my Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt Block #5.

block#5Life doesn’t get better than spending the day quilting with my niece!!!  Happy Birthday Becky.



Fabric purchases

While my company was here last week, we visited two quilt/fabric stores.

fabricpurchasesSome backing fabric, four shot cottons in fall colors, two Christmas fat quarters, a charm pack of batiks along with some blue batik, several spools of thread, and one book with some great fall projects.  The Quilty Fun book by Lori Holt was waiting in the mail.



A Good Week

My house was full of company this past week – dear friends here to visit, shop, eat, laugh, and relax.  We even had part of a day to do some long-arm quilting.  Here is Penny’s colorful quilt that she quilted herself on the long-arm after only a brief introduction and practice time.

pennysquiltAfter waving a tearful goodbye this morning, it was time to get to work sorting through my pile of mail that accumulated during the week.

pileofmailCatalogs and books made for a big pile, so I was happily surprised that there were only three bills to be paid!  All the rest went into the recycle bin.

I bought some fabric this past week and will show that tomorrow.  The week of vacation with my friends is over and it is now time to get back to my regular/irregular routine.




Saturday on the Long-arm

Practice time today included working with pantographs.  I feel like I am making progress.

pantopracticeOf course you might notice that I am off the top end.  Hmmm.  From the back side of the machine, I cannot see the top part of my fabric.  I will have to remember that next time I am figuring out the spacing and take a walk to the front side!

After practicing for a while, I loaded my “A” t-shirt quilt.  Loading a quilt takes me quite a long time and my back aches from bending over and pinning.  I want to get it loaded correctly though so that the quilting goes well.  I got started and was happy with my choice of the standard meandering when I ran out of bobbin thread.  It was a good time to stop for the day.



On the knitting front, I finished up another dishcloth, this time in Autumn colors.


And I am working on another dishcloth with more of a pattern.




Church Ladies’ Apron

Today I made the Church Ladies’ Apron (by Mary Mulari Designs) given to me by my friend/cousin/princess, Penny.  She gave me the fabric too!  Isn’t it cute?

apronpAnd it is reversible ! !

apronrThanks Penny.  It was fun to put together.  I’m not much of a cook, but I can wear this when I work at my long-arm to keep little supplies right at hand in the pockets…….a tissue for my runny nose, a Lifesaver for a quick snack, a tape measure, my scissors, and of course the cell phone for all those important calls I get.




Borders on

Today I got the last of the borders on the “A” t-shirt quilt.

tshirtAFriend Gail helped me pick out the final border fabric yesterday.  I like it a lot.



While working downstairs in my Quilt Cave, I took a break and sat in my comfy chair to watch Jeopardy.  To the left of the TV are some of my favorite things.

favoritethingsA flower garden quilt my mother made, a doll my sister made, some little teddy bears that make me smile, a Maine Coon cat pillow (gift from a good friend), and a quilt (on the wall) made from Jar blocks I won at a quilt retreat (I added the cat at the bottom who is looking at a jar full of mice).  There are a lot of things in my house that are special to me.  All those special things and the memories they bring make it my little home – my castle

Bonnie (crown by Lou Ann)Bonniewithcrown



Here is a knitted wash cloth I made the other night.  I wanted something simple to make and happened to have some proper yarn for making a wash cloth.  Easily done in an evening.



Today I spent the day taking two Handi Quilter classes…… on pantographs and groovy boards, and one on thread and tension.  I learned a lot and had fun in the process.  The only part that was not fun was the long, long, drive on the tollway that was under construction.  There were two narrow lanes, boxed in by fences, and an enforced speed limit of 45 miles per hour.  However, I got there safely and got home safely, so I shall not complain!




T-shirt progress

The t-shirt quilt with the “A” shirts is now all put together.  I ran out of the dark navy blue fabric used for the spacing/sashing that I was also going to use for the border.  I saved enough for the binding, but there is too little left for a border. Guess I have to go shopping!  I’m happy with how this t-shirt quilt looks so far.

t-shirtaflimsy(Sorry for the blurry picture.)


When I came upstairs from my Quilt Cave, I was thrilled to see that the city planted a new tree in my parkway.

newtreeIt has very dark red/maroon leaves.  I hope it grows more and more beautiful as the years go by.  I love trees!