Borders on

Today I got the last of the borders on the “A” t-shirt quilt.

tshirtAFriend Gail helped me pick out the final border fabric yesterday.  I like it a lot.



While working downstairs in my Quilt Cave, I took a break and sat in my comfy chair to watch Jeopardy.  To the left of the TV are some of my favorite things.

favoritethingsA flower garden quilt my mother made, a doll my sister made, some little teddy bears that make me smile, a Maine Coon cat pillow (gift from a good friend), and a quilt (on the wall) made from Jar blocks I won at a quilt retreat (I added the cat at the bottom who is looking at a jar full of mice).  There are a lot of things in my house that are special to me.  All those special things and the memories they bring make it my little home – my castle

Bonnie (crown by Lou Ann)Bonniewithcrown


2 thoughts on “Borders on

  1. You have a wonderful castle Bonnie! I love visiting you and all your special memories. The tee shirt quilt came out great. I want to make one of those someday!

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