Lists and Gail’s quilt

Today I decided to bring my Unfinished Quilt Projects list up-to-date, eliminating the finished projects and making a second list of finished projects.  Unfinished are 23 projects and finished (for 2013) are 32 projects.  Some of the finished projects are just binding I did for friends, but since they are quilt related and take time, I decided to include them.

One quilt I neglected to show on my blog is Gail’s little quilt made from orphan blocks.  Even though I am new to long-arm quilting and don’t quilt for anyone else, Gail trusted me to do this little charity quilt for her.  I did a wavy cross-hatch in the plain squares and a meandering loopy-loop in the patterned areas.



The Unfinished list is daunting, but the list of 2013 finished projects definitely makes me smile.

Bonniesmiley face


Lindsay was here yesterday to use my long-arm.  She quilted a Christmas quilt that is being used as a fund-raiser for a Mission Trip folks in our church will take next year.

ccbstarslindsayHere is the finished quilt, untrimmed.  (picture doesn’t show the true dark greens)

ccbstarsuntrimmedLindsay did a great job of quilting – including changing thread three times – white, dark green and dark red.

While Lindsay worked at the machine, I made some binding for one of my quilts, worked on borders for another quilt, and later on finished up the binding on my Weave-It-To-Me quilt.

witmfinishedFuzzy picture again.  I wanted to show off the backing fabric – a sale fabric I bought years ago and it was just perfect for this quilt.

Here is a close-up of the landscape quilting.



What’s next?  Binding, finish up borders, and perhaps treat myself to starting something new.  Or maybe not.  I should really spend more time practicing long-arm skills.  I obtained a stack of books from the library on machine quilting and purchased several classes on Craftsy – so maybe I should do some studying too.  There is never any time to get bored in my life ! ! !





Good day with my niece

Yesterday my niece came over to use my long-arm machine.  It is always a good day when I get to spend it with her.  She was nervous at first, but her natural skills and imagination excelled as she ended up doing some fancy “custom” quilting on her Craftsy 2013 Block of the Month quilt.

becky2My long-arm machine was worth every penny when it enables me to spend more time with friends and family!



Fun day with Kathy

Today Kathy came over to practice on my long-arm and to quilt a small quilt.

kathylongarmKathy looks happy at the helm of the long-arm, but I am dismayed at how messy my studio has gotten.

kathylongarm2While Kathy quilted, I worked on the border for my Craftsy 2013 Block of the Month quilt.

craftsyborderKathy did a great job of quilting.  She promised to go home, trim the quilt, and take a picture to send to me.  In the mean-time, here is a corner of the quilt.

kathysquiltingWe were both excited to take the quilt off the long-arm when she was finished.  How do you like my nice action shot?

kathyactionShe is whipping off those red-snappers.  Whooee.  A custom-quilted quilt done in less than five hours!!!!  It was a very fun day.







Catching up

Yesterday the t-shirt quilts I made for my great nephew got sent.  It took me a long time to finish up the binding, but once that was done, I was excited to send them off.  




Then it was on to some binding for my friend Moe.  I always enjoy her colorful and whimsical quilts – a small cheater-cloth Christmas quilt that I hope she embellishes with buttons and beads……


and a small quilt that is already embellished with woolie tuplips and a bright yellow sun.

moetulipsWhat’s next?  More practicing on the long-arm.  Two friends have entrusted me with their quilt tops to quilt.  Don’t know if I am ready for doing someone else’s quilt.  It is kind of scary.  I fall asleep each night thinking about quilting patterns.




              free motion……pantograph……groovy board………straight lines                                                  ……..meander…………curves………zzzzzzzz



Slow going…

Don’t know if it is the weather or old age, but these muscles and bones are not moving as fast as I would like.

This past week I did manage to get binding done for a friend.



And with many fits and starts, and operator errors, I quilted my Weave-it-to-me quilt, and machine sewed the binding on.  Now it is time for the hand sewing of the binding.

witmtobindThere are three other quilts to be bound, from friends, that will come first though.