Lindsay was here yesterday to use my long-arm.  She quilted a Christmas quilt that is being used as a fund-raiser for a Mission Trip folks in our church will take next year.

ccbstarslindsayHere is the finished quilt, untrimmed.  (picture doesn’t show the true dark greens)

ccbstarsuntrimmedLindsay did a great job of quilting – including changing thread three times – white, dark green and dark red.

While Lindsay worked at the machine, I made some binding for one of my quilts, worked on borders for another quilt, and later on finished up the binding on my Weave-It-To-Me quilt.

witmfinishedFuzzy picture again.  I wanted to show off the backing fabric – a sale fabric I bought years ago and it was just perfect for this quilt.

Here is a close-up of the landscape quilting.



What’s next?  Binding, finish up borders, and perhaps treat myself to starting something new.  Or maybe not.  I should really spend more time practicing long-arm skills.  I obtained a stack of books from the library on machine quilting and purchased several classes on Craftsy – so maybe I should do some studying too.  There is never any time to get bored in my life ! ! !





2 thoughts on “Lindsay

  1. What a fun and productive day you two had! The Christmas quilt is lovely, and I hope it raises lots of money for the trip. And the weave it to me quilt is so cool! Love those colors!

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