Lists and Gail’s quilt

Today I decided to bring my Unfinished Quilt Projects list up-to-date, eliminating the finished projects and making a second list of finished projects.  Unfinished are 23 projects and finished (for 2013) are 32 projects.  Some of the finished projects are just binding I did for friends, but since they are quilt related and take time, I decided to include them.

One quilt I neglected to show on my blog is Gail’s little quilt made from orphan blocks.  Even though I am new to long-arm quilting and don’t quilt for anyone else, Gail trusted me to do this little charity quilt for her.  I did a wavy cross-hatch in the plain squares and a meandering loopy-loop in the patterned areas.



The Unfinished list is daunting, but the list of 2013 finished projects definitely makes me smile.

Bonniesmiley face

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