Another day with Kathy

Kathy came over today to quilt another of her quilts – Peppermint & Sassafras.

kdatpantoOriginally she wanted to use my Baptist fan groovy boards, but after trying that out, she decided a pantograph would be easier.

kdpantoShe chose a Super Brite pink thread, a polyester 30 weight thread – and it kept breaking.  We looked up suggested needles and discovered it needed a different needle, which fortunately I had.  Once the right needle was in place, things went pretty well.  Here is the completed quilt.

kdp&sIsn’t it wonderful?  The neon pink thread gives it the sass in Sassafras!

KDcloseupNot only did we learn that the right needle makes a difference, but Kathy discovered that one of the racket locks was installed backwards.  Once I found the bag of Allen wrenches that came with the machine, she easily fixed it for me.

It was a good day in the Quilt Cave with Kathy.  She finished the quilting on her quilt and I made a lot more blocks for my Basket Case quilt.






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