One thing leads to another

One thing………The other day I was looking for something and came across a package of Thangles, purchased sometime in 1997 and never used.  Today I decided to grab some scraps and make some half-square triangles using the Thangle paper.

Another thing…….The other day I came across some little batik cat squares purchased years ago at Paducah.


And another thing…….My niece gave me some wonderful batik fabric for Christmas and I have been looking for an idea where I could use these fabrics.

Today all the above lead to me choosing a block from an issue of 100 Blocks magazine and doing a test block.  The test block did not go well.  It is made up of many half square triangles (a modification of the block in the magazine) where I used the Thangles, but I had lots of trouble making this block.  As you can see, some of the fabric is upside down, and it took all afternoon to make one block.  I made mistake after mistake – and getting all those seams to match and figure out how to reduce the bulk……………..well, I’m re-thinking whether I want to make this block 9 times!


Here you can see that this section was torn out and re-sewn many times.


However, I look at those batik cats and that fabric, and I feel like it would all look so good together.


Maybe if I do one block a month it wouldn’t be so daunting.


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