Thaw brings damage

After two months of snow and bitter cold weather, it is starting to thaw a little, and that is bringing another problem – water damage.  This is the ceiling in my kitchen, dripping water.

waterceilingdripUnder this I am attempting to collect the drips.

watercatchingdripsBut then it started coming in above the window also.

waterwindowdripI called for help and my wonderful contractor showed up within the hour to see what he could do to eliminate the ice and snow from my roof.

waterrooficeHe shoveled off this pile of snow and ice, but most of the ice is so thick he cannot budge it.

watersnowremovedHe put nylon sacks of salt on the ice to help speed up the melting so that the rest of the ice will hopefully slide off the roof.  Unfortunately the water has gotten in the walls and is also dripping downstairs over my washer and dryer, which I covered in plastic.

I know that there are a lot of people with the same or worse problems because of the weather this year.  Between the cost of snow plowing and now the cost of repairing this water damage, this has been a very expensive winter.  So glad I have a nice stash of fabric!!







2 thoughts on “Thaw brings damage

  1. How awful!! …. It sounds like you have a wonderful contractor, though, so I’m sending good thoughts that he’ll be able to see you through this mess. This winter has been hard on so many things; today I hit an unseen pothole and am surprised that my car doesn’t have several flat tires 😕

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