Problem solved

Today at the LQS they were having a trunk show of Allison Harris’ Cluck Cluck Sew quilts.  I have several of her patterns so was excited to see her quilts up close.  The owner of the shop, Lynn, was also going over the instructions for some of the patterns.  Since I had come to a screeching halt on the Basket Case quilt, I was very interested to hear how she would solve my problem – which was that when I put the blocks together, the seams were not opposing.  I do not like the bulk and inaccuracy that non-opposing seams creates.  I was very happy to hear Lynn’s solution,,,,,   As you sew, pull the seam to the right direction to make it opposing, then when you iron it, make a little cut in the corner so that the seam can be ironed back down where it was.

Seam set to side to oppose…..



Seam cut and ironed back down in original direction……



Seams match nicely.




Kind of a fussy solution, but it works and now I have all the blocks sewn in rows.


Also worked on some long-arm quilting today….


I hope to have these two projects well along the way to completion this weekend.


Easter postcards

Lucky me – I have the best postcard buddies in the world.  Look at these wonderful Easter postcards I received.


Ah, the photo doesn’t do them justice.  They sparkle with glitter and the colors are full of Spring.  It is great to have creative exchanges each month.


A finish

Last summer, when I first got my long-arm machine, I told my friend Betty that I would quilt and bind one of her quilt tops as a birthday gift.  The quilt she gave me to quilt had a lot of white space.  Filling all that white space was rather scary for me. I finally took the plunge and got it quilted, finishing up the binding today.


I quilted flower petals in the white spaces, meander (in red) in the outer border, and loops (in navy blue) in the inner border.


Betty is a “snow bird” and will return to this area later this spring.  I hope she likes what I did with her quilt.


Downton Abbey Tote Bag

The Downton Abbey fabric I recently purchased has been put to use right away.  I made a tote bag (using instructions from several different patterns) and am happy with the end result.  Here is the front….


Here is the back…..


And here is the inside – full of side pockets for all my very important stuff.

toteinsideSomehow I cannot imagine Lady Grantham carrying a tote bag.


Just had to have it….

Today I went to my favorite LQS for a free demo on making a simple notebook cover.  I already knew how to make one, but I thought it would be fun to join other quilty-type women for a little free lesson.  And it was fun!

However, it is dangerous for me to walk into a quilt shop because I could easily spend my life’s savings on all the wonderful fabrics.

A friend of mine made a tote bag using the Downton Abbey fabric which I thought was wonderful and so I inquired if they had any Downton Abbey fabric left.  Now, was I hoping that it was all gone so I wouldn’t spend money, or was I hoping they had just what I wanted still on the shelf so I could make the same bag?

They had the fabric!  Without a moments hesitation I said, “I’ll have a yard of this and a yard of that and a half yard of that and that pattern and that batting and that magazine and that tool……”  And I walked out of there having spent (in the words of my cousin) $$$$$$$$.


And I also walked out of there with a big smile on my face.

smiley face