Just had to have it….

Today I went to my favorite LQS for a free demo on making a simple notebook cover.  I already knew how to make one, but I thought it would be fun to join other quilty-type women for a little free lesson.  And it was fun!

However, it is dangerous for me to walk into a quilt shop because I could easily spend my life’s savings on all the wonderful fabrics.

A friend of mine made a tote bag using the Downton Abbey fabric which I thought was wonderful and so I inquired if they had any Downton Abbey fabric left.  Now, was I hoping that it was all gone so I wouldn’t spend money, or was I hoping they had just what I wanted still on the shelf so I could make the same bag?

They had the fabric!  Without a moments hesitation I said, “I’ll have a yard of this and a yard of that and a half yard of that and that pattern and that batting and that magazine and that tool……”  And I walked out of there having spent (in the words of my cousin) $$$$$$$$.


And I also walked out of there with a big smile on my face.

smiley face

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