Water, water, everywhere

My sump pump failed and I got about four inches of water in my basement – Quilt Cave.  It was just clear rain water, but still there is extensive damage.  I realize it doesn’t come close to the damage caused by river floods and hurricanes, etc., so I won’t complain too much.  I lost my carpeting and anything that was on the floor.  The extent of the damage is not known yet as the restoration process has just begun.  On the positive side I can think of it as purging “stuff”.  My nice cozy Quilt Cave is now a mixed up mess.  The industrial size dehumidifier and fans are working to dry out as much as possible and prevent mold.  The floor moldings will have to come out and probably some of the dry wall.  Because I am retired and on a limited income, replacing carpeting may not be in the budget for me unless insurance covers.  We shall see.  It all will be a challenge and change for me, but the long-arm and the Bernia are safe – way above the flood waters!  And most of the fabric is up high too.



Obviously no sewing will be taking place at my house for a while.  I’ll dig out some knitting and counted cross-stitch and get busy with those projects.  Life goes on.


5 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere

  1. I’m guessing your insurance will cover it all … you’ll get to make changes you like, restore things as you like, and soon it will be as if it didn’t happen at all. However going through it seems like an eternity! So glad your fabric and equipment are A-Ok! A curve ball from life just to keep things interesting! Hugs!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your water problem. Hope you can get all replaced by the insurance. Sure wish the rains would go away. Will a warm spring ever get here??? Hope so!! Take care, love Beth

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  3. Oh, Nooooo !!! Unfortunately I’ve been in your shoes more than once, and it’s a long slog from here to the finish, but you’ll get there. It’s good that your basement door is right inside your back door so that the workers don’t have to traipse through your house. Keep us posted on the progress.

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