Flood – part two……

The restoration folks have taken pictures, removed water soaked items, removed carpeting, removed floor quarter round, and hauled huge black bags of garbage out to their truck.  Well, it didn’t used to be garbage!

My water heater gave out from being water-logged, so that was replaced this morning.  I ran out to do some grocery shopping and when I returned I smelled gas.  Uh Oh.  I called the gas company and someone was at my door within 15 minutes – and yes, there were three gas leaks.  Called my main man from the Restoration company and someone was back within an hour to fix the gas leaks.

Response time and help has been great.  The industrial fans and dehumidifiers are working hard, and the crew will be back on Monday to continue clean-up.  Right now it looks worse than ever.



In the mean time, two of my phones gave out with dead batteries and the cable box in the living room stopped working.  It is almost comical.  Will things ever get back to normal?  Yes they will – and I will appreciate normal more than ever!


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