What I learned today….

Today I decided to quilt my Swoon block.


Can you see all the quilting?  No?  Neither can I.  Navy thread on the navy parts, white thread on the white parts, and a pinkish-off-white on the lavender sections.  You have to get your nose on top of the block to see the quilting.  I tried doing swirls in the lavender sections, but couldn’t see what I was doing, so tore that out and just did straight lines…….without a ruler – not a good idea.  In the white parts I did loopy loops and pebbles.  My straight lines were very wobbly, but since you can’t see them it didn’t bother me.

Here is a closer look at a white section.


No so bad.  Then I unloaded the quilt and turned it over.  YIKES.  Holy Moley.  What a MESS on the back.

photo 2 (6)

photo 1 (6)


This is what I learned today…….

1.  Check the thread tension EVERY time you change threads.

2.  Use a light colored backing if you are using light colored thread.

3.  Use a ruler when doing straight lines.

Now I have to decide whether to take out all the offending stitching OR just throw it out and chalk it up to lessons learned OR go ahead and bind it and use it as a table topper that is not allowed to be turned over!  What would you do?




2 thoughts on “What I learned today….

  1. Oh Bonnie! You’re such a crack up! Ive never met you but I love you already. I love your backround material! I guess you got your basement all cleaned up and you are sewing up a storm (pardon the pun) The quilt is worth saving! It doesn’t look like too much to rip out. Fondly Valerie

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