All smiles here…..

The binding on my Dancin Nines quilt is all done.  Once I got started, I didn’t want to stop.  The sunny yellow fabric made me happy, hand sewing makes me calm, and getting a quilt finished gives me great satisfaction.  On top of all that, I really like this quilt.


Some quilt bloggers make a nice roll of their finished quilt to photograph, but my roll doesn’t seem quite as tight and cool looking.



After taking all the stitching out of my Swoon block that had the disaster quilting on it (problem with my tension on the long-arm), I wasn’t sure what to do – throw it out, try again, or do something new.  Since I couldn’t put it back on the long-arm without adding fabric to all four sides, I decided to sew a grid pattern on my regular sewing machine.  I used variegated blue thread on the top and dark blue on the bottom.  Don’t look closely at my lines because they are not perfectly straight.  But I’m happy with the final result and am ready to sew the binding down.  Then it will get washed to remove all trace of the previous stitching.


Nice to have some good quilting finishes.  I’m all smiles here…..

smiley face

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