2014 Puzzles done

My favorite holiday entertainment is putting jigsaw puzzles together.  This year I put two puzzles together – one on December 30th (stayed up late to finish it), and one on December 31st.


This one (below) was a little harder than the one done on December 30th, and I did not finish it until this morning – January 1, 2015.


Then it was time to do some work in the Quilt Cave.  I finished up cutting scraps from the leftover fabric in the monthly packages from the 2013 Designer Mystery Block of the Month from the Fat Quarter Shop.  They were very generous in the fabric provided each month and I have enough leftover fabric to make several more quilts!

fqs scraps

And now it is time to write out my long list of projects that I hope to get done in 2015.  Unfortunately the whole list is being brought forward from 2014 and earlier.  Even though I got a lot done in 2014, most of the projects were new and the old UFO’s got pushed aside.  I’m probably the only one in the world that does this.  However, I am very optimistic that my sensible and frugal side will prevail in 2015 and I will get to cross off project after project.  Wish me luck (and time and ambition.)


One thought on “2014 Puzzles done

  1. I’m not a crafter, but I’d appreciate any tips you could give me regarding bringing one’s sensible and frugal side to the fore!

    Love the puzzles – had no idea that there were so many of them with sewing-related themes.

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