A Little Quilt

Today I finished a little quilt.


The center applique portion is from Joined At The Hip’s #173 Fancy Flowers pattern, and the split four patches are made from Moda’s Sonnet Collection by April Comell.  The outside border is a lovely batik.  I did an overall edge to edge design for the quilting.



The lesson that I learn over and over again is that positive self-talk works and negative self-talk also works.  It is a matter of which one you really want – the positive or the negative.  When I say to myself over and over again “I can’t do free-motion feathers”, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I then cannot do feathers.  I realized I was indulging in that poor habit and I would never be able to do feathers.  So today I practiced feathers and other things – all freehand quilting on the long-arm – and kept telling myself, “wow, that feather is good, and so is that one” and “you’re getting better Bonnie, keep up the good work” and my practicing was so much more fun and productive. No picture to show because I am frugal with my practice fabric and quilt over and under and around, and it looks confusing and messy when I get through.

But I had so much fun that it encouraged me to get a small quilt quilted for my friend Lindsay.  It is just a simple one patch scrap quilt and I did an edge to edge digital design.


All done, trimmed and now ready for me to do the binding.



Done done done

From the book Scrap Mania by Sally Schneider, the method of making these blocks is called “Mary’s Triangles”.  I started this quilt about 20 years ago and now it can be declared completely finished – done.  It is pieced, quilted, and bound.  It deserves some pictures….

MT done 1

MT done

MT back

MT done 2



See my happy face…………this 20 year-old project is finally pieced and quilted.  Tomorrow I will trim it and sew on the binding.  Then I get to cross it off my list.  I need to find a nice red pen to use for the official cross-off.

MT qltd