After ripping out all my border stitching, I re-loaded the quilt and was happy that I had no more problems.  Everything quilted nicely and the quilt came out reasonably straight.


I’ll show the whole quilt when I get the binding finished.


Trees and ripping

Our local quilt shop now has a Farm Girl Vintage (Lori Holt) club.  There are many quilts in this book that I want to make and today I got started by making some trees.  Lots of pieces, but I think they came out nicely.


I also spent many hours ripping out quilting stitches.  Another lesson learned……Do Not Quilt Borders before the center of the quilt.


Biggest block I’ve ever made…….

36-1/2 inches – the biggest block I have ever made -part of the Moda Building Block 2014 quilt – Block #2.

FullSizeRender (13)

This block almost fills up my design wall.  From this distance (10 feet or so) it looks pretty good.  I’m satisfied and ready to make some of the smaller blocks.

The roofers started today and will finish up tomorrow.  What a lot of noise !!!!!  I’m ready for some quiet reading.

Rain, rain, go away….

The materials and dumpster arrived this morning, but since it was raining, the work has been postponed.  Sadly, it is supposed to rain again tomorrow.  Maybe by Friday it will be dry enough to get my new roof.


This afternoon I had time to work in the Quilt Cave on the Moda Building Blocks 2014 quilt.  I cut out and started sewing one of the giant blocks – 36-1/2 inches.


Who Do You Trust?

It has been ages since I have posted to this blog.  My excuse is laziness…………

AND a few distractions…………like water pouring into my living room.  It was time for a new roof and the process of finding a trustworthy reliable roofer was before me.  With the help of Home Advisor I had a plethora of roofers calling me – but who could I trust?


Well this little dog helped me decide.  The dog came with the salesman, was extremely well behaved, came right into my house, but then stood at the door waiting for his master to get off the roof and come get him.

I just felt like I could trust someone with such a good dog.  Yes, I looked up the company and they are highly rated.  But the nice young, polite salesman, and the sweet little dog were the deciding factor.

The workmen will be here tomorrow to get started.  While they pound on my roof, I will hide away in my basement Quilt Cave and hopefully have some quilty stuff to post on this blog.