Who Do You Trust?

It has been ages since I have posted to this blog.  My excuse is laziness…………

AND a few distractions…………like water pouring into my living room.  It was time for a new roof and the process of finding a trustworthy reliable roofer was before me.  With the help of Home Advisor I had a plethora of roofers calling me – but who could I trust?


Well this little dog helped me decide.  The dog came with the salesman, was extremely well behaved, came right into my house, but then stood at the door waiting for his master to get off the roof and come get him.

I just felt like I could trust someone with such a good dog.  Yes, I looked up the company and they are highly rated.  But the nice young, polite salesman, and the sweet little dog were the deciding factor.

The workmen will be here tomorrow to get started.  While they pound on my roof, I will hide away in my basement Quilt Cave and hopefully have some quilty stuff to post on this blog.

One thought on “Who Do You Trust?

  1. Awww, such a cute story. So sorry to hear of water pouring into your living room – hope that it was quickly contained, and that the new roof will be quickly and quietly installed.

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