Jigsaw Puzzles – Part Two

Here are the jigsaw puzzles I assembled this holiday season.

500 piece Chicago puzzle


300 piece Dollar Store puzzle –


500 piece Snowman


300 piece Dollar Store puzzle


500 piece Dollar Store puzzle


The above puzzle had teeny tiny pieces.  Then I opened the next puzzle and it had enormous pieces.

IMG_0111 (1)

This last puzzle was the most fun to put together – with the enormous pieces and the colorful Quilt Store theme.  A good way to end 2015 puzzles.


Jigsaw Puzzles – Part One

Every year at the holiday time, I put jigsaw puzzles together.  It relaxes me, but it is also an obsession so I only allow myself to do them at the holiday time.

I prefer 300 or 500 piece puzzles because I can get a 300 piece puzzle done in less than 3 hours, and a 500 piece puzzle in a day with time out for meals, etc.  The 1,000 piece puzzles take too long and my table is not big enough to accommodate them.

Here is how I go about doing a jigsaw puzzle.  First I sort out the edge pieces and put all the other pieces on cookie sheets.


Next I assemble the edges so that I can make room for the whole puzzle.


Then I pick out the colorful sections – red – bright orange – etc.


Then the hard part comes – filling in all the shades of grey/blue/black.

To see the completed puzzle and all the puzzles I did this year, go to my next post .