About Blogging…..

The other day I read Mary Fon’s blog (blog.maryfons.com) and she was very excited about the fact that she had been asked to teach some classes at the University of Chicago.  I’d be excited too!  One of her classes is about blogging.  Oh how I would love to take that class, but it is too far for me to travel.

There are blogs I love to read, blogs that have great pictures, and blogs that I follow for a while and then drop for various reasons.  I am turned off by poor spelling and editing, by too many ads (especially pop-ups), and by teeny tiny pictures.  The blogs I like the best are short, to the point, witty or wise, and are usually about quilting.  My start in the blog world was all about quilting – finding ideas, instructions and great pictures.

Too many quilt blogs that were good in the beginning have now turned into blogs that are selling products.  I realize that a lot of folks are trying to make some money to support their quilting habit, but I just want to see good pictures, possibly learn a new technique, and hear about the process of making the quilt.

Lately all my postings about quilting have been on Instagram.  It is fast and easy.  So for now I think I will turn this blog into more about writing, other blogs, and life in general.

Tomorrow I will list some of my favorite blogs – quilting ones and other ones.

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