More about blogs….

Although most of the blogs I read are about quilting, here are some non-quilt blogs I read on a regular basis.

Richard Is Living With ALS (, a man in Calgary Canada who writes about his day to day struggles with the debilitating disease ALS.  I read it because a close relative of mine has ALS and I want to understand better.

I also read Susan Branch’s blog because it has wonderful hand painted pictures, photos of her beautiful home, and lighthearted writing about her life.

Attic 24 is written by a young mother in Northern England and she does a lot of crochet using bright colors.  She also takes long walks with her family.  Her pictures are of her colorful afghans, cozy home scenes, and wonderful nature shots along a small river.

Margaret in New Zealand is a lovely sweet woman who takes care of her mother, works in a prison, and does stitchery.  Her life is simple and gentle.  She takes loving care of her mother, reads lots of library books, and is frugal in her stitching saving scraps of linen for small projects.  I wish she lived next door. (Coni) is a young woman in Indiana who stitches, writes with good humor, has a little dog named Stewey, and a sister that helps her in good ways like a sister should.  Stewey sometimes takes over the blog and writes about the lazy qualities of his dear “Mo-ther”.  You can count on a few laughs, some wonderful stitchery pictures, and sweet pictures of Stewey and sometimes his cousin Bosco.

Tomorrow I will list some of my favorite quilting blogs.

One thought on “More about blogs….

  1. What a surprise to see myself in your blog! I too wish I lived next door to you. Even though I’m not a quilter I love looking at the wonderful works of textile art.

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