I have a big heart…..

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Today I attended an all day class on invisible applique.  The teacher was very good.  We started out by cleaning our machines!  I never had that happen in a class before, but it was very informative and a great way to start a good habit.  Then we did our first piece of applique – a simple heart.

The heart is not the only thing we did in the class.  We all worked on our separate applique patterns, drawing our shapes on freezer paper, cutting the shapes out, ironing the shapes on the back of our fabric, and cutting the shapes out with a quarter inch seam allowance.  Then came the gluing of the seam allowance to the back – using rubber cement – and finally sewing the shapes to the background using invisible thread with a teeny tiny stitch.

It was tedious work. It looks wonderful when it is done right, but much too tedious for me.  And trying to thread the machine with that springy invisible thread was a real challenge.  I enjoyed the teacher and the fellow quilters, so the day was fun – BUT – I’m going back to fusible raw-edge applique.  (so much easier)

I’ll save the above heart in my orphan block drawer and someday it might make it into a quilt.

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