Keeping up



Right now I’m feeling like it is impossible to keep up.

My quilting space looks like a tornado came through.  My desk is piled high with bills to pay and papers to sort out.  My jewelry drawer is a royal mess.  Then there are pictures, both digital and old prints in storage boxes all awaiting some organization.  There are cards to write and letters to answer. There is filing to be done – paid bills, medical information, journals, and things to put in scrapbooks.

Most of the time I manage to keep the kitchen clean and the dishes washed.  Most of the time I get my bills paid on time and at least once a week I manage to get my desk cleaned off.  Most of the time I manage to answer emails and file them in an organized manner.

But then there are all my quilting projects.  I have so many projects going right now I ran out of table space and project boxes.  In spite of that, I started a new quilt today.  Yikes!

In the scheme of things, these are small problems I know, but still I am feeling like I just can’t seem to keep up and it makes me weary.

For now, I will make a cup of tea and head to bed to read.  Tomorrow will be soon enough to work on keeping up.



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